Introducing the BEACN Ideas Portal

Introducing the BEACN Ideas Portal

Why are we setting up the BEACN Ideas Portal?

When looking back on the past year—what we accomplished, what we didn't, and the ups and downs of our development cycle—it became clear that while we love to brainstorm what we might add to our products in the future, it's just too volatile to draw hard lines in the sand for the "when/if" part.

We've made the decision to no longer publish an official roadmap. We are not in any way slowing down or easing off of development of new features, functions, and additions to our products! It just means that we can be more reactive and flexible when we hit a speedbump or change directions due to the input we receive from you.

To replace the roadmap and keep transparency open between our customers and our team, we are releasing the BEACN Ideas Portal where you will be able to let our team know directly how you'd like our products to grow and change in the future. We can't promise we'll do everything on the list, in fact, we can guarantee we won’t be able to do them all, but we can promise that we will read and consider every single submission. You can find the BEACN Ideas Portal here.

Thanks so much for your support and for your help in building BEACN into something even better!

- Craig Fraser, CEO

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