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4.8/5 • 10,000+ Setups Simplified

A Mic Made For Creating

  • Works on Windows
  • Works on macOS

"I have used a lot of microphones in my life, but the BEACN Mic is the best overall mic I have ever laid my hands on."

"The first audio controller to actually impress me.

"These products deliver all-in-one solutions for mic’ing and mixing with next level panache."

"I have to give Mix Create a 9 out of 10. It turns a user's entire PC into a GoXLR and allows them to control their audio via a simplified setup."

Twitter "I can personally attest to this..BEACN’s new gear is as big of a leap forward in broadcast audio from the GoXLR as the GoXLR was when it first came out...maybe bigger."
- @HarrisHeller
Twitter "...fray and I both use the BEACN mic and mix create and we are OBSESSED!!!"
- @iambillyg0at
Twitter "I love my beacn mic. Met the devs at Twitchcon and had been sold on the product since! Amazing technology"
- @Okami_Shaun
Twitter "The Beacn Mic Create is a beauty of a machine! It's what ive been rocking"
- @SimmaTV_
Twitter "I use BEACN and their mixer. I LOVE it. Customer service is pretty awesome too and will walk you through set up"
- @ViFrost907
Twitter "Y'all real talk I cannot stress how friggin easy the beacn mix create has made my setup and just my life on the computer."
- @SpeakingLions
Twitter "Beacn mic and mix create. We use them for our setup they're absolutely amazing"
- @ItsMsHyde
TikTok "The mix create is awesome"
- @imparkerburton
TikTok "Best peripheral combo out! I’ve been a user since 2021! Stellar product"
- @alphavrbro
TikTok "Have had my mixer for a couple weeks now, absolutely love it!"
- @therimr3apertv
TikTok "Love mine (BEACN Mix Create)! So easy to use."
- @theshadow1moses
TikTok "Best USBC mic out there. Honestly didn't know ya'll were a small business. That makes the product even more impressive!!"
- @lionatheart219

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