Revisiting the 2022 Feature Roadmap

Revisiting the 2022 Feature Roadmap

Hey all! John here.

At the beginning of the year, we shared our 2022 Feature Roadmap. Our goal was to try and maintain transparency as we go through the development process as a young company, share with you our milestones, and for you to help keep us accountable to staying creator-focused. That's still our goal today. But before we go any further, I want to bring up this quote again:

Sharing feature calendars is scary. We never know what obstacles come up, what features take more time than we thought to develop, and what great ideas the community comes up with that may take priority. That being said, we want to start 2022 with transparency and good intention.

As we near the end of 2022, here's where our current feature roadmap stands.

As you can see, we're on track to get 4 of our 6 major milestones released this year with VST support cutting it close but possibly slipping into early 2023.

Let’s talk about what 2022 looked like for the BEACN team to get to this point.

After launching in late January, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of orders that came through. We were in and out of stock for the first three months. At the same time, we saw BEACN products get integrated into more systems in a short period of time than we anticipated and we realized that there were compatibility and stability issues that didn’t manifest during beta and early access. So we buckled down and focused on squashing as many bugs as possible.

In April, we released our Twitch VOD Track feature. This enabled creators to be able to listen to music live on stream while removing music and other audio sources from their VODs and Clips. We’re really proud of this feature and proud to be the first company to provide a solution for this problem.

As we headed into summer, we realized we weren’t 100% happy with the state of our software stability across different systems and we again buckled down and released two major stability updates. Choosing to slow down new feature development to address issues that not all users are experiencing is always tough, but we’re glad to have taken the time and the reactions are speaking for themselves.

Software is never perfect so expect every software update to address issues should they come up. If you are having an issue and you haven’t partnered with our team to get your issue documented and resolved, please reach out to us at or

We had one last slow down in 2022 and that was addressing resource usage and the BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create screens. We spent over a month rebuilding how the BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create screens operate so that we can better support future development which included the next feature build–additional mute modes. We saw CPU and GPU usage drop exponentially while increasing responsiveness and stabilizing framerates.


At TwitchCon, we will be showcasing perhaps our biggest feature update yet–the Drag & Drop UI for BEACN Mix Create. This new feature will make it so you never have to leave the BEACN App to assign programs to your various knobs. On top of that, the BEACN App will now be able to detect and reset your default devices for you automatically so updates don’t leave you scrambling. Finally, we’ve developed a system that should make program assignments more “sticky” so that your other programs don’t lose their assignments between reboots and updates.

After this update, which we expect to release by the end of October, we’ll be giving some much-needed love to the BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create screens with a brand new UI, themes, and other customizations. We originally prioritized these features very high, but we continued to deprioritize them for more tangible features with immediate benefits.

Finally, to round out the end of the year, we expect to be well into development on VST support. We’re not 100% sure we’ll be ready to release by the end of 2022, but we don’t expect it to take long after. We have high expectations for this feature and how it will activate the many creators currently using BEACN Mix Create with their own microphone setup.

What about OBS support? We pushed OBS support for two reasons. First, we honestly ran out of time and felt that these other features remained higher priorities especially in light of reason number two. Our second reason was the release of OBS 28. OBS 28 introduced some incredible new audio features and we wanted to see how the releases shook out before implementing a complimentary system. We think early next year will be the perfect time to do that.

Looking back at 2022, we’re so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. We didn’t get to everything on our 2022 Feature Roadmap, but we got really close while also implementing other new features and reinforcing systems that will be crucial in the months to come. 2023 is a brand new year. Expect to see new BEACN products, continued feature updates and bug fixes, and the occasional blog from us!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2022. Our relationship with our community and customers is what drives us to keep creating new and innovative products. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next.



 - The BEACN Team

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