Audio For Content Creators: How To Choose The Right Audio Mixer

Audio For Content Creators: How To Choose The Right Audio Mixer

With the popularity of online media platforms like Twitch and YouTube, more people than ever are creating content to share their talents and perspectives with the world. With over 71 million hours of streamer-created content viewed daily on Twitch alone, it's essential to have high quality audio to set your stream apart from the crowd. A quality USB microphone like BEACN Mic is the first step in creating great sound, but it’s the audio mixing and submixes that take your basic audio to the next level. High quality audio gives your viewers the impression of high quality content—and leads to repeat viewership and subscribers.

What is an Audio Mixer?

An audio mixer like BEACN Mix Create is a device that takes audio from a variety of different sources (i.e., vocals, background music, gameplay, etc.) and combines them into one cohesive track. Since video content creation began to gain popularity more than 10 years ago, there have been major advancements in digital audio technology. Although some streamers and creators prefer to use traditional analog mixers, digital audio mixers allow you to modify multiple digital sources of audio through one device and easily manage independent volume controls for you and your stream called “submixes.”

Benefits of an Audio Mixer for Content Creators

  • Control the audio of microphones, headphones, and speakers through a central hub 
  • Mix audio from multiple inputs or contributors at the same time
  • Adjust the volume of background music or gameplay audio
  • Reduce mic feedback and fine-tune vocals
  • Use built-in filters and effects for optimal sound quality
  • Use more than one PC at a time
  • Confidently run livestream events with multiple audio inputs

  • BEACN Mix Create is unique because it gives content creators a simple visual interface and intuitive knobs and controls—allowing you to make audio adjustments easily on the fly.  

    What are Submixes (and are they Necessary)?

    As a content creator, high-quality audio should be your #1 concern. As you research and decide on the audio mixer that’s right for you, consider your needs. Do you have multiple audio inputs that need to be streamed at different volumes? With both digital and analog mixers, the sound from each audio source is combined into one “mix”—a single sound made from multiple inputs (e.g., your voice, background music, guest vocals, and gameplay). With analog mixers, it's incredibly difficult to control software volumes independently–or at all. The advantage of a digital mixer is that you can separate your individual software sources, manage their volumes independently, and then combine them as needed both for you and your audience. While an analog mixer may suit your needs if you have a lot of audio from hardware sources, most online content creators need the flexibility to be able to manage both. BEACN Mix Create does just that and features submixes to allow you to create an optimal viewing experience with perfect volume levels for you and your audience.

    Benefits of Submixes for Content Creators

    • Fine tune the audio mix for yourself and your audience
    • Remove certain unwanted tracks (like your annoying raid team between boss pulls) from your audience mix while keeping it audible for yourself

    If you don’t need submixes, check out BEACN Mix—it’s the easiest way to manage volumes on your computer.

    What Kind of Content Do You Create?

    Before you decide on which audio mixer and if submixes are necessary, take some time to consider the type of content you create. Are you a musician with multiple instruments, microphones, and background vocals? Are you a gaming streamer with vocals, background music, and gameplay happening all at once? Perhaps you run an independent podcast featuring your vocals and occasional guest vocals. No matter what type of content you create or the format of your streams, an audio mixer and submixes will give your audiences an exceptional audio experience.

    Key Considerations for Content Creators

    • What are your sources of audio (e.g., microphone, headset, instruments, gameplay)?
    • What are the formats for your audio sources?
    • What type of computer and other hardware do you have?
    • What type of software do you use for post-production?

    Taking the time to think about your needs will help you to select the right audio mixer and determine if submixes make sense for you.

    Features to look for in an audio mixer for content creators

    • Hardware agnostic: You need an audio mixer that is compatible with your existing computer and external hardware such as your microphone, headset, speakers, and monitors. This allows you to integrate your existing audio set up while also giving you room to expand as your channel and viewership grows.
    • Fingertip controls: To allow for seamless streaming and to ensure that you're able to make agile adjustments to your audio when you need to, physical controls like knobs or sliders are a must. You can switch between microphones, adjust the volume of chat and music, and use submixes to give audiences a superior listening experience all without ever leaving your game window.
    • Advanced routing: Routing audio to different output channels can be challenging for new or inexperienced content creators—and can also cause damage to your equipment if output sources are connected incorrectly. Look for an audio mixer with advanced routing that makes it easy to send audio where you need to when you need it.
    • Intuitive interface: If you’re a real-time content creator or streamer, you know how important it is for you to be on your game—there’s not much room for error when you’re live! An intuitive interface allows you to observe all audio controls visually and adjust them easily with the turn of a knob or push of a button.

    BEACN Mix Create Is The Preferred Choice For Content Creators

    Whether you stream gameplay, host a podcast, or create livestreams of your musical talents, BEACN Mix Create is the perfect addition to your audio setup. With features including a dynamic visual interface, submixes, knob paging, advanced routing, and mute modes, you have the tools you need to entertain your audience and keep them coming back for more. If you have a simple stream and don’t need submixes or advanced routing, try BEACN Mix—the audio controller for everyone!

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